GWT Chauffeurs


Greene Worldwide Transportation Professional Chauffeur

Greene Worldwide Transportation Professional Chauffeur

Greene Worldwide Transportation’s chauffeurs are the most thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in the industry. Prior to driving one of our vehicles, each chauffeur must pass a comprehensive 40 hour training program which includes professionalism, vehicle safety and customer etiquette.

  • GWT Chauffeurs wear black suits, white shirts and uniform ties and present a professional, well groomed appearance at all times.
  • For your safety, GWT maintains a state-certified drug-free work place. We conduct pre-screening and ongoing monthly random drug testing of all employees and chauffeurs.
  • Our chauffeurs are equipped with the latest two-way radio and messaging equipment and are in constant communication with dispatch headquarters, allowing for last minute reservation changes and other schedule adjustments.

What our clients are saying about GWT chauffeurs:

Your chauffeurs are always prompt, personable, well groomed and service oriented professionals.
It’s nice to be able to depend on Greene Worldwide Transportation.
– Sandy V., Meetings Department, American Express One

Your chauffeur was fun, funny, prompt, and helpful above and beyond and of course, beautifully dressed. He was really super!
I really appreciated Greene’s patience and flexibility throughout the planning…your support was invaluable.
– Lydia K; Manager International Broadcast Liaison, Fox Sports International.